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  • Dec20

    If you ever wanted to know how to make the most of the symmetrical diminished scale this book will get you there and then some. Packed with licks, exercises, neck visions and even sym. dim. pentatonic scale approaches How To Play Outside Guitar Licks :: Mastering the Symmetrical Diminished Scale is the book improvising guitarists have been waiting for – me included!

    How To Play Outside Guitar Licks [Hal Leonard]

    Check out what some fellow improvisers had to say about How To Play Outside Guitar Licks…

    You can find this title and the rest of my books on my Amazon author page. Go get it!

  • Nov20

    GGRM CoverAfter almost two years of writing, recording and coordinating I present Guitarist’s Guide to Reading Music | Bridging the Gap Between the Neck and Notation – my first for Hal Leonard! I couldn’t be more pleased with how this book turned out. It’s packed with every tip & trick I know for helping guitarists (including myself!) learn to read. The concepts are based in solid neck vision, numeric note assignment and constantly reading fresh material. These approaches have been time-tested and finely tuned into what is in this book.

    Special thanks to an industrious young guitarist named Andrew Pevny for putting these concepts to work. He composed and engraved nearly 700 figures for this project! This guy is a machine and he’s gonna do some serious damage in his time, lemme tell ya.

    The book is available everywhere including my Book Store.

  • Mar27

    Jazz Soloing Cover

    My first book, Jazz Lead Guitar Solos [Alfred] was recently reissued! It’s now called Jazz Soloing Strategies and can be purchased through my aStore. I wrote this book in 2002 right after recording Tony C. & the Truth’s Lava/Atlantic release Demonophonic Blues while my first son was rolling around on the floor at my feet. I literally had to write out the music by hand, cut it out and tape it to Word doc print outs and mail it all in to be prepped for publishing – damn, those were days.

    Stone-age production values aside this is a very cool book full of good licks, loads of my infamous anecdotes and features a CD with performance and backing tracks. I had Rodney Holmes on drums, Bill Foster on bass and Zen Zadravec on piano. My good friend Arne Wendt made an appearance on keys as well. Good stuff!