Chris Buono
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  • Apr26

    60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know is out now! Get over to my TrueFire Mini Store and get it!

  • Jan19

    It’s here! My TrueFire In The Jam is finally here!!


    After three years in the making I’m very excited to be a part of this revolutionary approach. The concept behind In The Jam (ITJ) is to put you, well, “in the jam” with us. I arranged 10 Jams based on grooves as well as tunes in my catalog and put together a completely amazing rhythm section for you to jam with. On bass is longtime partner-in-crime Steve Jenkins and on drums is the mighty Keith Carlock! In the ITJ player you’ll have the ability to play along with us, adjust the mix of each instrument, take us out of the mix, view each one of us at will and even listen and/or watch commentary. It’s amazing! Click here or the image above to go to my TrueFire Mini store where you can learn more about ITJ: NYC Funk and be connected to for safe & secure purchasing.

  • Jan8

    Three Guitar Courses – Sweep Picking, String Skipping and Arpeggiation – are now live! You can view the details and order these new titles as well as my entire TrueFire catalog on my *new* TrueFire Courses page!


    Purchases of all types are processed by TrueFire quickly and, more importantly, securely. As always, thanks for your support!