Chris Buono
  • Nov19

    Magnets and Wire

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    I’m honored to have been invited by Rick Toone & Steve Sjuggerud to be part of a recording project called Magnets and Wire. For a two and a half days I was hunkered down on an estate northeast Florida that was nothing short of surreal. I was there alongside a wide ranging cast of fellow guitar players who are lucky enough to play guitars built by Rick Toone. With a rhythm section on hand and with just one day to make it happen, we recorded an album made up of nearly all one take performances – many of which were freely improvised or arranged the night before. The entire experience was captured on video and made into a documentary. There was also copious images captured by the amazing Adam King.

    ALBUM: Listen & download files at:
    Photo: Adam King

    Starting from the top right hand corner and going clockwise: Ede Wright, Todd Haug, little ‘ol me, Killick Hinds, Steve Sjuggerud, Dan Ostrowski (drums), Ken Kinter (bass) & Gabriel Levi.

    DOCUMENTARY: View & download files at:

    It was a fantastic hang. The vibe was killer and intentions were true. We were gathered by common threads Rick, Steve and SB could have only made possible.

  • Nov19

    Earlier this year I released two new TrueFire courses bringing my total output with TF to 40! First, there was Trading Solos: Funk. Here you and I jam together over five super funky grooves I put together along my low end partner-in-crime, Steve Jenkins.

    Just recently there was the game-changing Sight Reading for Guitar Players: Level 1. In this one TrueFire and I set out to give you a whole new way to learn to sight read from the very beginning stages. After learning about a bite-sized concept I take you through what I call “practice sessions” where we play the music, not just read it. This is the video reading course you’ve been waiting for!

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  • Feb11

    Check it out! My second of three new TrueFire courses for this winter is live. This one is called 30 Funk Rock Riffs You Must Know. I go deep into my own history of the funk rock riffs I religiously listened to when I first got hooked on this style. Everything from 70’s Funkadelic and assorted syncopated classic and prog rock riffs to pioneering riffs from 80’s bands like Living Colour and Jane’s Addticion all the way to the mighty 90’s where funk rock and its riffs were king. To get a taste, click on the image to see the intro video on TF’s YouTube channel.

    You can grab 30 Funk Rock Riffs You Must Know and all my courses from my web site’s TrueFire​ Mini-Store.