Chris Buono
  • Feb4

    I’m ba-ack! Check out my first of three new courses coming out this winter. This one is called Take 5: Legato. This is a tightly packaged course on that liquid technique we all need to sound our best. Wanna check it out? Click on the image to see the intro video on TrueFire’s YouTube channel.

    You can grab this one and all my courses from my web site’s TrueFire​ Mini-Store.

  • May24

    I give you Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts v.3-6! This completes the set of 48 Weekly Workouts I produced in 2015 for my Guitar Gym Online Classroom. You can grab any one of the six volumes from my web site’s TrueFire​ Mini-Store.




  • Mar27

    Since the dawn of 2018 myself and some kick-ass players have been playing every Tuesday at Clancy’s Tavern in Neptune, NJ. The house rhythm section is made up of Cody McCorry and Joe Fadem – the tag team from fellow Vigier Guitars artist Tom Monda’s band Thank you Scientist. Tunes from my past and present as well as my TrueFire catalog are played, re-imagined and mangled into improvisational goodness (or so we hope). We always take the stage at 9pm and play one long set. Burger specials and good beers are on the menu. It’s a scene.

    I wanted a weekly gig where I can do my thing as well as experiment with different guitars and pedals. The latter has become quite an adventure. At the same time I worship at the alter of a good burger and have been a beer snob since college. This is the gig where I celebrate all that and more. It’s been AWESOME. So much so I have Steven Kelly recording the sets almost every week for an upcoming live release (more on later). It’s even served as a platform for a new trio project with two monster players. (more on that later).

    In the meantime…