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Dig it: #6 instructional guitar course for TrueFireGuitar Cubed — is out now! Here’s the scoop…

guitar-cubed-boxsetThe art of orchestration and ensemble playing is a bit of a challenge for most guitar players, especially those that don’t play out all that much. We guitarists tend to either play too much, play conflicting parts, play in the same register, play the same exact voicing as the other guitarist, or play when we really shouldn’t be playing anything at all. We’ve all been there and that’s what Guitar Cubed is all about – a course of study focused solely on orchestrating multiple guitar parts in contemporary music.

I’ve pulled all the stops out on Guitar Cubed with over six hours of footage completely devoted to orchestrating multiple guitars with riffs, leads and rhythm guitar parts. Guitar Cubed is organized into a dozen lesson sets where each set features a different contemporary arrangement for bass, drums and three guitar parts. Lesson sets are comprised of eight in-depth video lessons examining every nuance of the three guitar parts, along with the why and how they work so well together.

As with every TrueFire course you’ll have the tab and notation (all in Power Tab), as well as the jam tracks at your disposal. Learn more.

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