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What’s This?!

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What you are finally witnessing is the beginning of many changes here at Many have tried to make this happen, but in the end, all crashed and burned. Thanks for playin’ guys …

Alas! Thanks to some incredible work by Zach Wendkos and everyone at TrueFire in record time things are looking good–real good. Be sure to cruise around the site and check out what’s been added so far such as a current bio, new photos, some of which are press shots from First Act Guitars and Unk Guitars photo shoots showcasing the very cool instruments these two great outfits made for me; a selected Discography with MUSIC (go figure: a musician-based site with tunes) and a trio of pages dedicated to my ever-expanding catalog of TrueFire courses.

Can you believe it?

More coming soon. For real, this time.

Also on the horizon outside the realm of

-a MySpace page
-a Facebook Fan Page
Solitaire on iTunes

Dig it.

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