Chris Buono
  • Aug19

    Check out the latest issue of Guitar Player (October 2020) for a five page lesson article on Gerald Carboy’s all-encompassing Diatonic 7-Tone. After completing it in 1993 I went on to enhance and teach the program to students all over the world. Many have made a mark including Bob Lanzetti, Harvey Valdes, Kieran Downes and Andrew Pevny. Click here if you want to take your playing to that next level and maybe make your own mark 😉

  • Dec11

    Podcast Interview

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    I had a great conversation with some old friends for their Shifting Perceptions Podcast. Hosted by surf art mogul Jay Alders and his wife Chelsea, we discussed what I do in the background to help keep the lights and food in bellies with a guitar in my hands. We covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes including networking, the concept of being a “slash” and more. Give it a listen, share it, write a review.

  • Nov19

    Magnets and Wire

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    I’m honored to have been invited by Rick Toone & Steve Sjuggerud to be part of a recording project called Magnets and Wire. For a two and a half days I was hunkered down on an estate northeast Florida that was nothing short of surreal. I was there alongside a wide ranging cast of fellow guitar players who are lucky enough to play guitars built by Rick Toone. With a rhythm section on hand and with just one day to make it happen, we recorded an album made up of nearly all one take performances – many of which were freely improvised or arranged the night before. The entire experience was captured on video and made into a documentary. There was also copious images captured by the amazing Adam King.

    ALBUM: Listen & download files at:
    Photo: Adam King

    Starting from the top right hand corner and going clockwise: Ede Wright, Todd Haug, little ‘ol me, Killick Hinds, Steve Sjuggerud, Dan Ostrowski (drums), Ken Kinter (bass) & Gabriel Levi.

    DOCUMENTARY: View & download files at:

    It was a fantastic hang. The vibe was killer and intentions were true. We were gathered by common threads Rick, Steve and SB could have only made possible.