Chris Buono
  • Mar7

    I got a very cool shout out in Rolling Stone magazine today for a Dweezil Zappa project I was a part of.

    I’ve had the extreme pleasure to work with Dweezil in various capacities since 2013. It started with Fractal Audio‘s Matt Picone recommending me to join a to-die-for group of guitarists to teach alongside Dweezil during his Dweezilla Music Boot Camp. The faculty was D., myself and Matt along with Oz Noy, Tom Quayle, Derryl Gabel, James Santiago and David Wallimann! Many endeavors came out of that first collaboration including a recording project where we all wrote songs for us all to play on. Dweezil’s contribution is a tune called “Dinosaur” that features the ZPZ rhythm section, the Dweezilla faculty as guest soloists and a solo from none other than Frank himself.

    The gravity of this is not lost on me, especially being the solo right before Frank … FRANK ZAPPA!


  • Jan27

    283568_10151472836023332_1429694384_nCheck out my interview for Fusion Gig Bags. Lots of history and insight on how I went from a guitar teacher in music stores to a Berklee professor, Hal Leonard author and TrueFire artist. I’ve been a proud endorser of Fusion bags for nearly 10 years and I’m psyched to have played a part in helping develop their new Urban Double Bag.
  • Jan3

    Rick Toone rolls out a new Spearfish model six-string that I wasted no time in working with. After some consideration we decided to go for a piece that best showed its range as well as its tone. The latter was ensured by miking my two prized ’64 Deluxe amps with SM57’s off-axis of their respective British-made Celestion Vintage 30’s. The only other part of the signal chain was a Strymon BigSky set to a Room reverb. The piece is a solo arrangement of Monk’s solo piano classic “Ruby, My Dear” originally recorded in 1947. My rendition features complex harmony that was made a little easier to play given the slight fanning of the frets as well as the aluminum neck’s thin, yet completely playable profile. What’s more the incredible tuning consistency on all strings throughout the entire range of the neck allowed this piece to sound its best.

    This part of a continued effort between Rick & I where we put his art in my hands so I can create my art for all to take in. I’m beyond honored and excited to be able to do this and look very forward to the next project.