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This fall 2010 semester I’ll be teaching two night classes at Ocean County College in their Continuing & Professional Education program. For the ful scopp on tuition and things check out their on-line catalog. But, here’s what I’m teaching…

Music Theory I: The Basics


Duration: four consecutive weeks

Class Time: 1.5 hours


Discover the how, what and why behind the music you compose and play with former Berklee College of Music professor Chris Buono. In this hands-on introductory music theory course designed for all instruments—that includes DJ’s and computer-based artists—Chris will start from the absolute beginning right down to the notes and the staff they’re written on. Through proven methods Chris will work with you to build a rock solid foundation in scales, key signatures, intervals and basic chords. If you already have basic knowledge this course will surely fill in the gaps. Having an understanding as to how music works enables you to create and play deeper music and that’s a good thing.

Intro to Digital Music Production with Ableton Live


Duration: six consecutive weeks

Class Time: 2 hours


Immerse yourself in a journey through the ins and outs of computer-based recording and performance using Ableton Live 8 and explore how to create music in the present tense with renowned modern guitarist/sonic diabolist Chris Buono. You’ll be introduced to Live’s interface, fundamental properties, and devices, as well as how to record, loop and manipulate audio and MIDI. In addition you’ll explore real-time recording, mixing and how to remote control Live. This is the perfect class for the musician who wants to discover the world of digital music production or even the DJ wanting to integrate the power of computers and Live into their performances.

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